Christmas Supper 2023

Twas the season to be jolly at the Three Compasses, where Rob and Tina whipped up a Christmas supper that even Santa would envy! The food was so plentiful that it’s rumored some of Santa’s Elves had been co-opted into helping in the Three Compasses kitchen.

Section members gathered around, plates piled high, and Rob’s culinary magic left everyone wondering if he was secretly a wizard in the kitchen. The Three Compasses turned into a gastronomic wonderland, and the only thing missing was a Michelin star for Rob and Tina.

But wait, there’s more festive fun on the horizon! Brace yourselves for this year’s grand finale – the Mince Pie run on Sunday the 17th of December. We’ll be starting with a 10 am meetup at the Three Compasses. Rumor has it, that Rod and Carol are the proud owners of the world’s most coveted Mince Pies, so be there at their home in Leigh either by bike or car by about midday or be pie-less!